Girls Group is a FREE after school program that combines physical activity and a social-emotional curriculum to promote overall wellness for girls at a critical time in their development.  

Each session includes:

  • Opening and Closing rituals
  • Opportunities to learn and share
  • Peer support
  • Physical activity 
  • Leadership Development

our Founder's Story

Theresa Cariño, public health educator and former high school teacher and administrator, is the founder and volunteer Executive Director of Salud y Cariño.  Her passion for teaching, mentoring and inspiring girls was first ignited in the classroom.  Years later, as she began her journey in public health, she started to see disparate differences in the health and well being of women and girls.  Through her own struggles and life experiences, Theresa has discovered resources and skills that have helped her lead a healthier life.  Salud y Cariño  is a dream come true for Theresa.  The start up funds for SyC came from a childhood accident and it's her way of giving back and making something good out of something painful.  She hopes SyC's programs will help foster resiliency, confidence, and overall wellness in girls for generations to come. 

 Salud y Cariño ~ Health & Love

Be healthy and love yourself!

Our Mission

Salud y Cariño opens doors for girls to take action and gain confidence through physical activity and healthy choices to live their best lives now and in the future.

Theresa M. Cariño, M.Ed.

Co-founder/Volunteer Executive Director


Aracely Contreras


OUR vision

Each female, no matter her age, race or background living her best life now; healthy, happy and whole.

our programs

Salud y Cariño partners with other community based organizations to promote health and wellness for girls through physical activity, prevention and education.
Salud y Cariño

Margaret Cariño-Condon

Co-founder/Program Coordinator


Salud y Cariño, Inc. is a community based non profit 501c3.  (Tax ID# 46-1924115)

Our Board of Directors

Meet some of the women who are providing various forms of physical activity and wellness classes to our girls:

These amazing women own their businesses and serve as role models to our girls as strong, healthy leaders in our community.  Thank you ladies!

Board Members

Justine Wiley (Board Co-Chair), Michelle Gluck (Board Co-Chair), Magdalena Verdugo, Sonia Torres, Paul Basanese (Treasurer), Rebeca Burciaga (Secretary) & Maya Goldfield

Isabella Cariño Hernandez


Meet Our Team

Promoting Women's Wellness, One Girl at a Time