General / Admin support

We will put your money to good use for supplies, technology and other boring things that other grants and fundraisers don't cover!

Fundraising Goal: General Support $1,000.

  This scholarship fund will allow us to award current and  future SyC alum with a scholarship for the college or trade school of their choice.

Fundraising Goal: Scholarship Fund $3,000

Promoting Women's Wellness, One Girl at a Time

Salud y Cariño

Choose how you want to support Salud y Cariño

A day on the beach to surf, swim or just hang out! $25 covers one girls equipment, transportation and lunch/snacks. 

Fundraising Goal: Beach/Surf Days $500


support our Groups

Support our 2022 Summer Surf Camp


Support monthly Beach/Surf Days 

A week-long Leadership Surf Camp: $500 covers all equipment, lessons, leadership activities and meals for one girl.  

Fundraising Goal: Surf Camp $5,000

Support our New scholarship Fund

Your donation will help fund groups allowing girls to connect, share, lean and do fun activities. $50 covers the cost of one group for up to 10 girls.  

Fundraising Goal: Groups $2,000

In January we will celebrated our 7th year programming anniversary and have served nearly 500 girls through our FREE after-school program.  In March 2020 we adapted our program to virtual sessions, and we were pleasantly surprised at how successful they were!  We are now back serving youth in person at Shoreline Middle School, Green Acres Elementary, Live Oak Elementary and our Harbor High School!

  • “I learned to never be afraid of any challenges.” 

  •  “Ever since I started Salud y Cariño I feel more confident in trying new things.” 

  • “In Salud y Cariño it’s like a family to me. I have learned so many things in our group.”  

  • "In SyC I feel like I have a safe place where I can be heard and seen."